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    Cocktail Bar
  • Think the Cabaña room in Los Angeles, but without the movie stars. Million has long been considered Recoleta's most impressive bar; the 20th-century mansion building provides a super-seductive setting to sip on a dirty Martini. Tourists have cottoned on to this, however, and Million is no longer the protected national park it used to be.
    \r\nIn the evenings the bar is now flooded with visitors from all over the world, so avoid peak hours if it's an all-Argentine climate you seek - pre-dinner drinks or cocktails at 1am before heading out are probably the best decision. Ignore your instincts and don't be tempted to eat in the ground-floor garden - Resto is just down the road for proper food.
    \r\nMillion is best viewed from the first-floor bar, where tattooed, slightly camp bartenders ply their trade. Despite the influx of tourists, Argentines still love Million, and this will always be Recoleta's - if not Buenos Aires' - most aesthetically pleasing watering-hole.

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